Emotionally Intelligent Behaviors

Travis Bradberry recently published a great article called “18 Behaviors of Emotionally Intelligent People” (http://time.com/3838524/emotional-intelligence-signs/).

If you’re like me, keeping up with 18 things is next to impossible.  However, in my work as an Executive Coach, I’ve found the following 3 behaviors important to high performing leaders:

1.  Knowing Strengths and Weaknesses – An awareness of self and of relationships can be a most humbling experience.  But its worth it.  How can you be better?  Doing more of the good, and less of the not as good, is a great path to follow.

2.  Giving and Expecting Nothing in Return – Giving without an expectation of getting is difficult for an awful lot of people.  High performers understand that what they have to give is not truly theirs.  They only serve as stewards assigned with the heavy responsibility of making sure that the gifts they have are given (gratefully) to others.

3.  Curiosity About People – This one is tough because at first glance, some people just don’t automatically arouse our interests or curiosities.  Leaders however, know that everyone has unique and powerful stories to tell.  More important, leaders stop, look, and listen with interest as others share their experiences.

Take a look at Mr. Bradberry’s list.  You’ll find many behaviors worthy of your focus.


Guy Summers
Farrell Group, L.L.C. 2015

Written by Guy Summers

Guy Summers is President and Founder of Farrell Group L.L.C