Slow Down…to…Speed Up

The URGENCY OF NOW is super prevalent today.  Quick connections (online, on the phone, social networks), up-to-the-minute information (“breaking news”), instantaneous responses (text, twitter, email), and NOW is the norm.  Unfortunately, our brains and bodies have not been wired for the speeds that today’s world brings.  We go faster and faster….but are we headed in the right direction?

As a coach, I get to not only be in the action, but watch closely as High Performers navigate through the racetrack of life.  My biggest observation? That many people need to slow down, just a bit, in order to speed up.  Now understand that “Speeding Up” is not going faster.  It’s arriving at your chosen destination not only more quickly, but more efficiently.  For many, unfortunately, it’s also knowing what the destination is.  I get it….deadlines to be met, achievements and milestones to be procured, promotions to be attained, salaries and bonuses to get…….and what about YOU?  Are there vacation days to be taken?  Friends and family members to spend time with?  Hobbies and interests to be pursued?  Good works and goodwill to provide to others?  How about a Nap!!!

When you slow down, don’t make it just a pit stop on the racetrack of life.  Skip a couple of races.  Take some time to get to know you.  Figure out that thing that makes you happy and allows you to be your true self.  One thing’s for sure….finding your calling and living your true life will be a lot more difficult when the game of life tickets you for speeding.

Written by Guy Summers

Guy Summers is President and Founder of Farrell Group L.L.C