Guy Summers PhotoFarrell Group was formed by Guy Summers in January of 2000.  Guy started the company after spending over 24-years in the financial services industry.  His work as a leader and relationship manager have provided tremendous experiences related to high performing people, teams and organizations.

Farrell Group partners with professionals and organizations to enhance skills, to gain information, and to generate solutions that result in the achievement of specific, targeted goals and objectives.

Executive coaching services are provided to executives, senior managers and other organizational leaders.   A discovery process is used that involves assessments, interviews, and personal observation through coaching meetings.

Consulting services include facilitation, speaking, and leadership advisory.    Service offerings are tailored to the specific organizational and individual needs and objectives.

Farrell Group also works with alliance partners in the areas of leadership, diversity, team building and strategy.   These partners are selected based on the individual client assignment, requirements and goals.