Executive and Business Coaching is customized work that revolves around meeting individual client goals by gathering information, developing a plan, conducting coaching sessions, and completing desired outcomes.   Following is a brief description of steps that may be included in a typical coaching opportunity.

Define Opportunity

Coach meets with Coaching Client to discuss expectations, roles, and the particular coaching situation.

Relationship Building

Coach meets with Client to learn more about personal concerns and focus.

Design Contract

Develop document that addresses needs, outcomes, time commitment, investment and other coaching specifics.

Data Collection

Completion of questionnaires, interviews, and/or assessments.   Existing reports or data might also be referenced.

Development Plan

Client and Coach develop items for the coaching agenda.   Specific skill, focus, performance, and/or development areas are identified.

Coaching Meetings

Coach and Client meet on regular basis to pursue items in plan, discuss issues, review homework, and develop long-term competencies.

Periodic Reviews

Coach meets with Client to assess actual vs. planned outcome performance.

Final Review

Coach meets with Client to assess actual vs. planned outcomes, note accomplishments, and determine next steps


Meet with Client to review results.